Soft Skills in Retail

Soft Skills in Retail is an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project in collaboration with five countries: Spain, Italy, Slovenia, France and Germany. The BS02 was the participating school in Germany with the coordinators Andrea Klemstein and Christiane Schadow.
The project began in October 2018 and was finalized in September 2020. The project focused on developing soft skills for a successful career in retail. The goal was to improve the employability of the apprentices.
The students who took part were 15 – 19 years old and came from five classes of five VET schools in five countries.
Each country participated with four students each at the mobilities. 20 students from five countries worked together for a week each in Spain, France and Slovenia. Unfortunately, the mobility to Italy had to be cancelled because of the Corona pandemic. The BS02 in Hamburg hosted a coordinating teachers meeting.
The young people improved their soft skills as well as their intercultural competences through different activities. They gained an insight into the retail industry in other countries, including the different cultural norms in the workplace. They gained a broader picture of the European labour market and developed a sense of belonging to the European community.
Project activities
• Barcelona / Spain in November 2018: Teacher meeting, project planning
• Barcelona / Spain in January 2019: team building activities e.g. building a human tower, learning about the commercial heritage of Barcelona through different activities, e.g. guided walk
• Ljubljana / Slovenia in May 2019: Creation of a short business plan in order to gain insight into entrepreneurship
• Hamburg / Germany in June 2019: Teacher meeting, project planning
• Lyon / France in November 2019: Creating a board game for practicing soft skills
• Sassari / Italy in May 2020: Cancelled because of Corona pandemic
• September 2020: The project was finalized by a web conference
The result of the project is a board game for practicing soft skills. It had been created by the students. This game has been published on the following website and can be used by anyone who is interested. You can check it out here:


The feedback of the German participants after the mobility to France shows that these sorts of projects are an amazing, sustainable experience and an additional qualification of the vocational training. These competences can only be gained in other countries with international students or business partners.

What did you learn?
• Working in international teams
• How to work out a common result
• Different ways of communication
• Learning about other languages and cultures
• Openness
• Tolerance
• Patience
What did you enjoy?
• All European teachers were very polite and supportive.
• The activities and the team work with other students from Spain, France, Slovenia and Italy
• The project idea is good. The working task was very interesting.
• Having fun together
• Mixing the international groups
• The hospitality
• Making friends in other countries