Podcast: The Call-In

Der Englischkurs B2 im Ausbildungsgang „Kaufleute im Einzelhandel“ hat im laufenden Schuljahr eine Radiosendung zum Thema „Die Zukunft des Einzelhandels“ mit einem Schwerpunkt auf die technischen Innovationen des Amazon-Go-Ladengeschäftes in Seattle produziert.

Viel Spaß beim Hören!


Apart from the big economic fluctuations of the shopping season and its impact on retail sales, the retail industry as a whole has many other big issues that it often struggles with.
Retail is the engine of the American economy, and news coverage often bases its perception of the economy, at least in part, on retail performance. This week, radio show „The Call-In“ will refer to our last show on retail in the U.S. and will bring the perspective to a rather practical perspective as we had a lot of call-ins from German retail trainees.

The show refers to a radio show aired on NPR, archived at